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Natural and tumbled travertine pavers travertine tiles [link to: /home.html]—nothing comes close to its rich colors, ease of installation, and wide variety of finishes. Combined with Travertine World’s great prices, it’s a product that makes sense for an almost endless variety of applications.

Travertine Pavers
Take you landscape project to the next level by replacing your walkway or driveway with our gorgeous red, ivory, gold or noche pavers. They’re also great for lanais.

Tumbled Travertine
The distressing process and the unfilled crevices and pits give our tumbled travertine tiles a well worn, rustic look that makes very attractive decorate applications, such as trim and mosaics, as well as typical floor and wall installs.

Honed and Filled Travertine Floor Tiles
Before it is honed or polished, the pits are filled with a cement product, producing a uniform surface that is easily swept, mopped and kept clean—even in the kitchen. Note: as with any natural stone, travertine’s natural beauty is enhanced and extended with the use of a sealer, which prevents stains from penetrating into the stone.

Antique Travertine Tiles
Its rustic, tumbled appearance adds old world warmth and charm anywhere it’s installed. Upgrade to casual elegance inside or out--on the patio, walkway, fountain, or driveway.

French Pattern Tile
Installation of the French pattern travertine tiles requires four different sized tiles. Our French pattern is available in a variety of colors and includes 8 x 8, 8 x 16, 16 x 16, and 16 x 24 in proportions.

Know Your Stone

Stone is a product of nature. It is not possible to guarantee that all the colors and markings on a large stone deposit will be present in every small sample or that every characteristic in one sample will be present in other samples. A sample serves only to indicate in a general way the color, markings and texture usually found in a variety of species of stone.

  • Natural stone can be classified in two categories according to its composition; siliceous stone or calcareous stone.
  • Siliceous stone is composed mainly of silica or quartz like particles. Types of siliceous stone include granite, slate and sandstone.
  • Calcareous stone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate. Types of calcareous stone include marble, travertine, limestone and onyx.

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